Picture frames 13x18cm

For the smaller pictures we have a lot of frames in size 13x18 cm. They are available in many different materials and appearances, all made in our own frame studio. For example, choose a wood frame for a warm impression or pick a stylish, narrow-edged frame in black.


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Frame your favorites

Gathering many smaller pictures into groups on a wall can be very decorative. Picture frames 13x18 cm is the perfect frame to do that. You can choose between several different frame styles depending on what you like. Aluminum frames, for example, feels very stylish and clean, while a wood frame gives a softer and warmer impression.

With a frame 13x18 cm, you can frame your little smaller pictures in a nice way. Our wide range of quality frames provides you with many choices. Because we manufacture the frames ourselves, we can also give you a really good price. This way you can afford to buy frames for all your photos.