Picture frames

We have picture frames for all types of framing: wood frames, metal frames and plastic frames. Choose one of our standard sizes from 10x15 cm to 70x100 cm, or create your own frame with your desired measures. Ad a passepartout to your frame for a real professional looking finish.


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We have picture frames for every wall

Correctly used, a picture frame becomes a part of both its surroundings and also the images inside. A beautiful painting will be completed only when it is frames, and the feeling in your home changes by the frames you choose. We have hundreds of different frames so that you surely can find a frame that suits your own personality.

With our wide range of frames you can mix and match as you please. Why not check our metal frames if you are looking for trendy frames? We have aluminum frames in different sizes and with different finishes - perfect to frame your trendy poster with. If you don't find the appropriate frames in our standard assortment, you can always order your frames in our frame shop were we can create the exact size you need. In addition you can choose from hundreds of different frame lists and passepartouts so that the frame fits perfectly with your original, lithography, oil painting or object.